Office Cleaning Service

Victoria’s Cleaning Service is highly respected in Northern Illinois for their commercial office cleaning services. Based out of Woodstock, IL, VCS has served McHenry, Lake, and Kane counties for over 10 years.

Your office is the heart of your business and should be treated as so. Our efficient and dependable staff members will uphold your company’s professional persona with a safe and clean work environment. We can relieve your janitorial burdens while providing unmatched quality and price.

Our number 1 goal is to guarantee satisfaction to each and every client. VCS is dedicated to going above and beyond every time we clean your office. Our unmatched quality and pricing is the reason VCS has pushed forward while many other related services have not. Regardless of the job size at hand, all clients receive the same dedication and high level of service that VCS was built on.

All facilities are different. To tackle your needs effectively, we can develop a janitorial service plan tailored specifically to your needs. We deliver exactly what you want and need for your business. Let us develop an office cleaning service plan specifically for your business. Contact us today at (815) 814-5487 for a free in office estimate.

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Common Office Cleaning Tasks

Phone Cleaning/Sanitizing
Floor Cleaning
Cobbwebb Removal
Carpet Vacuming
Furniture Cleaning
Trash Emptied
Window Ledges Cleaned
Sinks Disenfected and Cleaned
Toilet Cleaning
Refill Soap and Paper Toiletries
Eating Tables and Chairs Cleaned
Interior of Microwaves Cleaned
Interior of Refridgerators Cleaned
Exterior of Appliances Cleaned
Exterior of Cabintry Cleaned
Door Knobs Sanitized and Cleaned
Elevator Cleaned
Shredders Content Disposal


Ceiling Fan
Trim and Baseboards
Electronic Devices